SSD have temporarily cancelled TOTS sessions.... 

Here at SSD studios we offer the perfect classes to suit your precious little ones development. 

Sing, Dance & Bounce-      Friday       11-12pm  &   1-2pm 

A combination of singing, dancing and playing where your child will have great fun and develop movement, co- ordination, coginitive, gross and fine motor skills
Your child will also benefit from develpping their social skills by working with other children and adults. The class prepares children for structure and routine which will be seen in nursery and later in school. 

What the class entails:
  • Singing along to our favourite nursery rhymes with actions and musical intruments.
  • Dancing to the classic Disney songs to get us moving and jumping around the room. 
  • After working hard we have a 5 minute snack and drink break (included in the price)
  • We have play time with the ball pools, bouncy castle, play tents, toys in our disco room. 
  • Its time to say goodbye and recieve a sticker for working so hard.   

Ballet-                                                Monday            2.00-2.30pm 

We promote the development of gross motor skills, balance, co ordination and correct posture. This is a fun class where students develop the basic basis of Ballet to prepare them for future learning without them even realising. The students are encouraged to work together with the support from their parents and of course our teddy bears. 

What the class entails:

  • Choosing our bears
  • Simple movements to our fun tracks- Skips, knee bends, jumps, gallops, turns and pretty arms 
  • Dancing with instruments, developing musicality skills
  • 5 minutes play time in the ball pools & play tents in the disco room

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Sing, Dance & Bounce 

£5.00 per session when paid weekly 

£20.00 for a 5 week block  

Ballet £2.50 per session

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