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We are so excited about our upcoming showcase, please find all the information that you need here. 

Friday 1st May 2020

Students arrive         5.30pm

Doors open              6.10pm

Show starts              6.30pm

* The Friday evening peformance is not open to be viewed by children under 11 years of age 

Sunday 3rd May 

Students arrive        10.30am
Doors open             11.10am
Show starts             11.30am

* Child friendly performance- infants do also require a ticket for health and safety reasons and can only sit downstairs in   the stalls as there is not access for prams upstairs on the balcony. A child ticket is required for children aged 2 upwards. 

Venue- Ossett Town Hall 



Louise and her team will be prepared with a full list of all students and their costume requirements. 

Please visit the shop between the set dates and not before or after as the staff will not be suffiently prepared to take your order. Students that order late will delay delivery of ALL costumes. 

Saturday 14th March- Saturday 28th March 2020


- white tutu from Imagine (same as last year)

- pink ballet socks (Grade 1 ballet upwards pink ballet tights) 

- pink ballet shoes 

Variety ..

- black leotard 

- black hot pants

- black neo flex shoes (Acro can be bare foot)

- tan tights 

- tap shoes if they are a tapper 


- SSD Logo tshirt (silver or gold #14) 

- Black joggers (no sports logos)

- Black neo flex shoes (not acro)

Cats which will be in the second half of the show..

- Costume from Imagine 

- Cat accesories 

- Tap shoes if they are a tapper

- Neo flex shoes 


All students with the acception of our boys need hair in Double French Braids. 

We do have appointments available on the Friday evening with a hairdresser located on Hoyland Rd in Kettlethorpe. The booking sheet will be on the notice board nearer to the show date.



Are available to purchase from 10/02/2020 using the link below

If your child is a Mini or Junior that is not included in Cats they will be returned to you at the interval. At that point they can sit with you in the audience for the remainder of the show. 

When you book your tickets we can reserve you a house seat so that your child has a seat to sit on (if that seat has not already been booked by someone else) 

Please email us when you book your tickets with your seat number and the seat number that you would like us to reserve for your student free of charge. 

We cannot guarantee that no one will have booked it in the meantime but we will try our best.