Mission Statement

Samantha’s School of Dance is a dance school for all ages that offers classes in Performing Arts, Fitness and Exercise. We also offer parties and tots classes. Our aim is to offer a professional service to allow students to develop their technique, fitness and stamina and offer performance opportunities to all. We encourage the development of social and communication skills through team building which allows students to find new friends and thrive in our friendly environment. 

Code of Conduct


At Samantha’s School of Dance we pride ourselves on our work with all ages. We offer equality and diversity within our school where everyone is valued and offered opportunities. Students are encouraged to show respect to others, both students and visitors and in turn are treat with respect from our experienced staff. Our studio is a safe positive environment where students develop more than just performing arts skills but life skills becoming part of a devoted school.  



If you are not satisfied with the service that you or your child is receiving we value your feedback and will endeavour to find compromise to ensure that you and your child are happy within our school. Equally complaints that are put forward with regard to another student will be handled with care to ensure that all parties are satisfied.


SSD will operate within the limits of the teachers’ qualifications, experience and expertise. All classes will be planned to an appropriate level to facilitate the needs of the students providing feedback in a positive and encouraging way to aid development always adhering to the highest possible standards.

SSD will ensure safety is always paramount and the facilities used for practice are adequate to meet the needs of the students. SSD will also strive to give students the maximum opportunity to perform by building relationships with other organisations and assisting students and parents with advice and guidance for those who may wish to follow a career in the arts.

Respect for Others:
Students and Parents are requested to treat others as they would expect to be treated themselves. Negative comments about others appearance or ability are not welcomed. Positivity and encouragement are, SSD is a happy place for children and all members and their families are requested to invest in that.

SSD has a Child Protection Policy and Health and Safety Policy and parents are requested to be aware of these policies in the interest of serving the wellbeing of the children. Parents are asked to disclose any medical information, allergies or injuries that students may have on the registration form and to provide any amendments to this information if necessary. Parents are also asked to recognize that as with any physical activity there can be a risk of injury and therefore release SSD and its teachers from any liability.

Photography and Filming:
Photography and filming by parents or students during class is strictly prohibited. During events SSD may employ a photographer to take still images or video footage which is then made available for Parents and Students as keepsakes. These images may also be used to advertise SSD in differing forms of marketing including appearing on the SSD website www.samantasschoolofdance.co.uk When enrolling to become a student at SSD an enrolment form will be filled out which will include permission for images to be used which must be signed. Parents and spectators at events wishing to photograph or film the event are to be aware of the expectations which are explained in The Child Protection Policy.

Child Protection

SSD aims to provide a happy and safe environment where children can learn to dance.
SSD believes children have the right to be safe and secure and free from threat, regardless of gender, ethnicity, disability, sexuality or beliefs.
SSD will act with integrity, treating children with respect, listening to their concerns and acting upon them.
The SSD Code of Conduct commitment to Students and Parents will ensure that students will receive professional tuition from a qualified teacher with appropriate facilities following safe practice.
Dance Connect will adhere to the following Rules and Guidelines with regards to Photography and Filming:
1. Images of Children posted on www.samanthsschoolofdance.co.uk will only ever be identified with their first name only.
2. To reduce the risk of inappropriate use of images only images deemed suitable will be used.
3. Anyone with any complaints about the decency of images posted on the website can speak to Samantha and the images will be removed.
4. The Expectations for parents or spectators who wish to take photographs or film at a public event are to avoid inappropriate or intrusive photography. Any child or parent who has concerns regarding inappropriate or intrusive photography must report their concerns to Samantha who will act in the same manner as they would with any other child protection concern.

Any person teaching for SSD will be in receipt of a DBS disclosure.
SSD has procedures in place to help any child who appears to be at risk or appears to be the victim of abuse. We will provide help and support if any child tells us they are affected by these issues.

Health and Safety

Our studio is based within Standbridge Community Centre where they are responsible for the maintenance of the building. SSD take responsibility to ensure that the indoor space is safe and suitable for performing arts.

SSD electrical equipment will undergo Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) to conform to its responsibility for electrical safety under the Electricity at Work Regulations 1989 (EAWR).

Fire procedures are prominently displayed within the building and all teachers are aware of what action to take in the event of a fire.

In the case of an accident causing injury, first aid boxes with basic supplies are available, for more serious injuries, dependant on the extent of injury, professional medical assistance will be requested either by calling the emergency services or by escorting the injured individual to a place where they can receive treatment. In all cases parents will be informed, in the case of minor injuries at the end of class, when professional medical assistance is required they will be informed immediately.

All accidents will be recorded and logged using the medical book.

SSD will only allow performances to take place where Risk Assessments have been carried out on the venues by the landlords and the facilities are deemed suitable to engage in performance.

SSD will only use qualified personnel and engage in safe practice.

The Principle Samantha Williams has Public Liability Insurance, First Aid, Professional Chaperones Licence and DBS.