Our performers package is designed for students that wish to further their dance technique, style reportoire & persue dance competitively. There are limited spaces on the package and places will only be offered to students that meet the criteria. The package includes 8 hours of classes from our timetable that are suited to the individual performers. They also receieve a weekly 30 minute private lesson where they will work on solo work for competitions and showcases. The cost is £25 per week. If you wish to be considered for the package please contact Samantha to discuss the possibilty of spaces. 

Performers Updates....

Performers Payment Dates:

Monday 4th of January £100 

Monday 1st of February £75

Closed Half Term Monday 8th – Sunday 14th February

Monday 29th of February £100

Closed Easter Thursday 24th - Wednesday 30th March

Monday 4th of April £100

Monday 2nd of May £100

Closed Spring Bank Monday 30th May- Sunday 5th June

Monday 6th of June £100

Monday 4th of July £100

Monday 1st of August £50

Closed Summer Monday 15th of August- Sunday 4th September

Monday 5th of September £100

Monday 3rd of October £100

Monday 31st of October £100

Monday 28th of November £75


Workshop Days


Thursday 11th of February

SSD & Liquidance Workshop Day @ SSD Studios


Thursday 24th March

SSD Workshop Day @ SSD Studios


Wednesday 1st of June- TBC

Liquidance Workshop Day @ Liquidance Studios

(Charge will apply)


Wednesday 26th of October

SSD Workshop Day @ SSD Studios





Competition Dates: 

6th to 10th of February-

The Laithes Theatre Dance Festival- our senior students Morgan, Ashleigh, Jolie & Emily will be entered for this competition.


June TBC

Creative Competition - relaxed and smaller comp run by myself and Liquidance open to all performers.


10th &17th of July

Starlight Dance Festival- we visited last year and the comp is quite large but has a nice atmosphere with fair adjudicating and polite dance schools in attendance. This can be discussed with individual parents to judge who feels ready for this.